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The 5 Pillars of Peace 21 Day Immersion

With Susan Morgan Taylor, MA


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What Are The Five Pillars of Peace?

The Five Pillars of Peace are a simple structure of prayer and meditation which serve to ground you more deeply into your own inner seat of authority and equanimity.

The Five Pillars are founded on a simple and universal fifth dimensional structure that can be used by anyone to access more equanimity, clarity, abundance, and an overall sense of authentic connection to life, sourced from within. 

When we are rooted and grounded within our own connection to Source—which can only be found deep within—we access a level of trust and certainty, a deep knowing that we are protected, provided for, and always supported and nourished by life.

Embodied Prayer and the I AM Presence

The Five Pillars take us into a state of embodied prayer—where we go beyond words and ideas and into the realm of beingness, a place of becoming that which we are seeking through the presence of I AM.

As a form of embodied prayer, it is inherently different from other types of prayer with which you may be familiar. 

For example, most mainstream religious traditions and Christianity in particular, focus primarily on what is known as Supplicatory prayer and Intercessory prayer.  These forms of prayer are the most common and what most people think of when they hear the word “prayer”.

  • Supplicatory Prayer aims to connect you with a being or authority outside of yourself by making supplications for boons or blessings which are believed to be in their power to bestow upon us.
  • Intercessory prayer similarly focus on the request for intercession by a particular deity or divine being deemed to be outside of ourselves.
  • In both Supplicatory and Intercessory prayer the focus is on something separate from us, giving our power over to a divine being that we believe holds special powers to either grant or withhold blessings. 

These forms of prayer are founded on and rooted in the idea of separateness from God and separateness from life. They keep us in a disempowered state where we are forever at the mercy of an invisible more powerful “other”. 

As such they are rooted in the deep threads of unworthiness and shame that are deeply ingrained into the distorted Christian teachings where we are inundated by the idea that we are not really worthy of God’s love and presence due to our inherently sinful nature.

Reclaiming The Way and Entering the Kingdom

To reclaim the truths that Jesus spoke of is to reclaim our divine inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven within us-which means to unify with God, to become one with the Godhead, and to pray from Inside the Name through the I AM presence that we inherently hold within us through a direct and unmediated communion with the Holy Spirit—the manifest expression of the union between the Divine Father and Mother and the bearer of the Holy Flame.

To step into what the I AM the Way truly means and what Jesus intended to convey in using these words, means to claim our birthright as vessels of the Holy Flame of Truth and Love which is the light and love of all creation.

It means to no longer live in denial of this force, but rather to open ourselves to our innate capacity to hold it, to embody it, and to become keepers of this Holy Light; To deem ourselves not only worthy of it’s presence and the gifts it brings, but also destined for it. 

An Embodied Prayer therefore is an expression of energy from within us. It is a state that we open to, invite, and allow to expand within us, thus entering the Kingdom of Heaven within first, where we merge with the Divine Presence of the Holy Flame, literally becoming the prayer itself.

The Five Pillars as an Entry Point

Though words are used in the Embodied Prayer sequence using the Five Pillars these are really only guideposts that aid to activate the energetic presence that the prayer endows.

The precise words themselves are less important than the activation and flow of energy they generate. 

Eventually it is possible to enter into this state of prayer with no words at all, merely through the presence and the presencing of ourselves into the structure of the Five Pillars themselves.

The presence of the Holy Love made manifest through the Holy Flame of Truth and Love is expressed through our being-ness, fluid and flowing via it’s own intelligence. 

Our personhood serves as a vessel, a vehicle through which it moves, and expresses itself into our lived experience.

To enter into this state of prayer and "Being" we use the Five Pillars as our guideposts:

  • The Five Pillars create a structure, a container which serve as a dynamic roadmap, orienting us towards the Divine portals which ground us in time and space so that we can allow our being-ness to surrender beyond what is already known, beyond what we think we can control, so that we can literally enter the Kingdom of Heaven which resides within us and all around us.
  • The Five Pillars of Peace are an entry point into the realms of Truth and Love and each Pillar holds within it an aspect of the whole of creation.
  • The Pillars are like a bridge into the Divine Mind which is always expressing itself within and all around us.

Here's what you'll learn....


Understand the Five Pillars As an Entry Way Into a Personal Union With The Divine.

  • Learn about each pillar and the energy behind it.
  • Understand how these energies play out in your life in and how to cultivate a more empowered relationship with them.
  • Learn what happens when we are out of harmony with the Five Pillars and the rewards of cultivating an embodied prayer practice.
  • The Five Pillars of Peace as an ancient technology of prayer.


Be Guided into an Experiential Practice of Embodied Prayer using the Five Pillars of Peace.

  • I'll show you how to personalize this practice as I guide you through each of the pillars as a single "movement".
  • Experience the Five Pillars as a sacred prayer that takes you into your own embodiment of the I AM presence within you.
  • Receive a PDF outline of the practice for use on your own after the event.


Go Deeper into the Practice for 21 Days 

Immediately following the initiation we will enter into independent practice with the 5 Pillars of Peace for a 21 Days.

This is where you get to dive deep into the experiential practice of embodied prayer through the Five Pillars of Peace and allow the practice to reveal its inner and secret aspects.

Over the three weeks, we meet for 5 virtual Zoom calls where I teach on the feeling tone aspects of each pillar and how to cultivate them in a practical way in your life.

Receive my direct guidance the support and held in the power of a sacred container.

The Details

Begins: Sunday January 3rd 2021

Ends: Tuesday January 26th 2020

Tuition: $297

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Live Call Schedule

Initiation into the 5 Pillars of Peace Practice

Sunday January 3rd 2pm CST

21 Days of Peace Immersion Experience

Tuesday January 5th 2021 2pm CST

Sunday January 10th 2pm CST

Tuesday January 19th 2pm CST

Sunday January 24th 2pm CST

Tuesday January 26th 2pm CST

*Attending the live call is recommended, however all calls will be recorded and replays will be available.


You Should Attend This Event If:

  • You resonate with it.
  • You would like a way to feel more grounded, connected and at peace in your life.
  • You'd like to learn to trust life, god/spirit/source and yourself more.
  • You would like a simple spiritual practice that can be done in as little as 5 minutes per day.
  • You want to break free from old religious paradigms and negative programming.

You Should Not Attend This Event If:

  • You don't resonate with it.
  • You feel threatened by different ideas or perspectives that might challenge your unquestioned religious or spiritual assumptions.
  • You are just looking for another "manifesting" technique or spiritual brain candy.
  • You cannot commit to give yourself the gift of minutes per day to engage the practice.
  • You are offended by alternative interpretations of traditional Judeo-Christian concepts and teachings.

Meet Your Guide: Susan Morgan Taylor, MA.

Since I was a young child I have always known deep in my soul that we ALL have the capacity for a direct an unmediated relationship with God.

We don't need mediators or intercessors. We don't need churches and religion, or the distorted teachings they propagate. Every one of us has the capacity to access the divine mysteries and to directly receive the knowing of all that we seek to know because the Source is within us.

The Five Pillars of Peace are one such direct “knowing”. They are a sacred work that has been gifted to me directly from Source. 

Having worked consistently with the Pillars for the past two years and gradually allowing myself to open more deeply to the mysteries they hold, I have now been guided to share this—the first movement of a sacred body of work— with others.

-Susan Morgan Taylor, MA

Unconditional Receiving

It is through our deep receiving that we are also invited to deeply give. Paradoxically it is only through the giving of the gift, the sharing of the gift with others, that we begin to more deeply receive. In truth there is no difference between the giving and the receiving.They are one and the same.You cannot have one without the other.

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