Welcome to Pathway to Love! I am Morgan Susan Taylor, founder of the Feminine Wisdom Academy and specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality. I will be your teacher, mentor and guide during these next five weeks for this amazing live online course.

This course is taught virutally so you can attend from anywhere in the world. Please read on for more details on the Pathway to Love course. 

A 5 Week Live Online Course for Awakening Women Who Want More Love, Connection and Fulfillment.

Welcome Radiant Woman! Are You Ready To:

  • Connect with your Feminine Energy?
  • Feel more connected, confident, magnetic and in love?
  •  Enhance your capacity to experience pleasure in your body and in your life?
  • Increase your orgasmic potential?
  • Feel more intimately connected to your partner and to life itself?
  •  Become more magnetic to the opposite sex?
  • Re-awaken your creative self expression?
  • Manage anxiety and overwhelm and "get out of your head?"  

The please join me for Pathway to Love: Your Divine Roadmap to Activating Your Feminine Energy, Creating the Love and Intimacy You Really Want and Making it Last!

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The Longing for "The Unidentifiable More"

You are a woman who longs to feel a deep and meaningful connection with a significant other but anxiety and overwhelm often leave you feeling lost. 

You long for intimacy that is at once fulfilling and spiritual, that is about more than just "sex" but you frequently feel like you have to give up a part of yourself just to get what you want. Maybe you avoid intimacy altogether because sex has become just another thing to cross off your "to do" list. something you have to do just to keep your significant other happy.

But deep down you have always dreamed of creating a spiritual depth and bond with a significant other that is strong and full of meaning. You have longed to opened into love and to dive into the depths with your beloved. You have longed for this "unidentifiable more" for many years and yet don't know how to create it.  

Your Feminine Energy is The Source

Feminine energy guides the process of connection. If your feminine energy is closed off, shut down, or otherwise unavailable, connection and depth in your relationships will be missing for you.  

The good news is that the connection and depth you seek through relationship is available when you learn how to activate and open your feminine energy. It resides within you. You as the feminine force have the inherent power to literally create a magnetic pull of the masculine force towards you. 

It is the availability of your feminine enrgy which determines the depth of the connection in your relationships. And you as woman have the unique ability to literally create the circumstances for love within your own being.

Are you ready to find your pathway? Ready to learn how to allow yourself to be opened into a state of love, where love becomes who you are and where love can be found all around you? 

Pathway to Love 5 Week Online Course Weekly Curriculum:

Week 1: Clearing the Pathway

Release your unconscious blocks to connecting with your radiant feminine essence. Morgan will facilitate a group energy healing and teach a Feminine Wisdom practice to help you resolve your hidden obstacles to receiving more abundance, pleasure and joy into your life and relationships.

Week 2: The Inner Temple

Learn two rituals and three practices that increase your Feminine energy. Develop a daily feminine spiritual practice to increase self confidence, focus, and your ability to manifest what you desire.  

The course meets via live Zoom webinar starting 

Sunday June 25th through Sunday July 30th.

12-1pm PDT//2pm-3pm CST//3pm-4pm EDT

Course access instructions will be provided upon enrollment. No class on Sunday July 23rd.

Week 3: Instant Intimacy: 

Deepen the intimate connection in any relationship instantly and intentionally. Learn two sacred practices that will immediately resolve feelings of separation and disconnection in any situation. 

Week 4: Journey Through the Cosmos: 

Learn to discern the energetic aspects of your sexuality and how to turn sex into feelings of deep connection and love. Learn solo practices for clearing and activating your chakras (energy centers). 

Week 5: Walking in Beauty

Our final meeting! This will be a Live Q+A and opportunity to receive some individual and group coaching. We will share our celebrations and breakthroughs and participate in a group closing ritual.

  -Lyndsey Burrows Austin, TX

"The most surprising aspect of taking the course was how it translated into my work life. I was not expecting that! 

When I started connecting with myself during the work day it changed everything about how I was perceived in the office and how I was perceived as a woman.  

I noticed that when my energy changed, peoples reactions to me started to change and that was very exciting!"  

FAQ's and What Happens After You Enroll

  • When you click the “Enroll Now button you will be taken to PayPal to complete your payment.  
  • After your payment is processed you will receive a receipt form Paypal at the email address you provide.
  • Be sure to use your best email address as this is the email where I will send you the course access details and communicate with you throughout the course. 
  • If you have any problems registering or prefer to enroll by phone instead, please call 512-766-7072.
  • Once I receive your payment and enrolment details from PayPal I will email you the course access details.
  • The course begins on Sunday June 25th 2017 at 2pm CST. 
  • Each class lasts for approximately one hour.
  • The final class is on Sunday July 30th. (There will be no class on Sunday July 23rd.)
  • Payment in full is required to participate in the course. Sorry, no payment plans are available at this time. 
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you attend the first two classes and decide that this course is not for you may request a 100% refund. No refunds will be given after this time.
  • All classes will be recorded and a re-play link provided each week so you can review the material at anytime.


This Course is For Women Who:

  • Want to feel more connected, confident and magnetic and in love!
  • Want to enhance their capacity to experience more pleasure and fulfillment in intimacy.
  • Wish to learn how to cultivate a feminine spiritual practice.
  • Want to feel more intimately connected to their significant other and with their sense of identity and purpose. 
  • Are interested in learning how to naturally become more magnetic to the opposite sex Want to re-awaken and re-connect with their creative self expression.
  • Are single OR in a relationship—either way it does not matter! 
  • I am passionate about educating and working with women and therefore Pathway to Love is focused on women’s issues and I will be speaking to and teaching to women in the coursework. However, if you are in a relationship and your partner (male or female) wishes to attend with you that is perfectly fine. He (or she) will be required to register independently. Men may end up feeling a little bit “left out” but if they are open minded and interested in learning this stuff I’m not going to stop ‘em!

This Course is NOT For You If:

  • You are not willing to invest the time and energy in to attending the classes and doing the work
  • You are looking for a quick fix. 
  • You have mental health challenges that require intensive therapy---this is NOT therapy.  

My Story

I spent ten years in a marriage where I was shut down, anxious and depressed and sex was just another item on the “to do” list, something I felt obligated to do just to keep my husband happy.  

I did not feel "in love" and I lost much of my passion for life. I avoided intimacy and fequently felt disconnected, isolated, and alone. 

Deep down however I longed for depth. I longed for connection and for intimacy that was spiritually fulfilling and meaningful. 

 I had no idea how to create this and I made my husband responsible for figuring it out and then became more shut down when he failed to live up to my unspoken expectations.  

Years later, and after a painful breakup, I made a commitment to undergo the study of my own feminine sexuality and sensuality. 

 I committed to never again making someone else responsible for my pleasure nor for the depth and connection I so badly longed for in relationsihp. 

I studied. I read. I practiced and learned. I got to know my body and my feminine energy.  

Not long after my journey began I soon discovered that the connection, fulfillment and depth I longed for with another person, was something I had the power to create within my own body! 

I discovered that I held the keys to love, pleasure, depth and connection inside of myself and I only needed to create the circumstances for them to arise.

I realizezd that if I could find this love inside myself, then I could re-create this in any future relationship (which, I am happy to say, I have done sucessfully and so can you!).

I became truly free that day. And that was the day I committed to sharing this wisdom with the women of the world.  

Welcome to the Pathway!  



Enroll by Wednesday June 21st and save $50 off regular enrollment rates. Enroll for only $197 (regular rate $247) . Earlybird enrollment tuition ends Wednesday June 21st!

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When you enroll by Wednesday June 21st 2017.

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